Benefits of Tai Chi Therapy

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07 September 2018

Dr. Rajnish'sTai Chi Therapy Treatment Methods

Dr. Rajnish'sTai Chi Therapy Treatment Methods

The goal of the therapy is to eliminate and avoid permanent disturbances of the patient's external and internal body, by restoring the correct physical and mental functions in a natural way.

Taichi Therapy has  a wide range of natural and traditional treatments. In order to find an effective solution to the problems of the patient, a detailed selection of specific treatment methods is combined with each other by means of a detailed analysis interview and applied in a targeted manner according to the individual clinical picture of the patient. Among the many treatments are classic massage, sports and stretching massage, manual lymphatic drainage, acupressure, trigger point therapy, neurological massage, Chi massage and Tai chi massage. 

In addition, we also rely on Yoga Therapy Treatment, which includes the treatment of diseases with authentic, essential oils, medicinal herbs (Indian Ayurvedic medicines and massage) and home-made medicine.  

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