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19 September 2018

Dr. Rajnish's Tantra Tai Chi Therapy

Dr. Rajnish's Tantra Tai Chi Therapy

Dr. Rajnish  bringing Tantra with Tai Chi, Yin & yang/ fire & water in their daily life and as tantric  knowing it’s transformational impact on the body, mind and beyond.

Tantra Tai Chi was recently developed as a partnered practice that blends the softness of Tai Chi movements with the excitement of tantric sexual energy.

Tantra is the spiritual path from India that uses sexual energy/kundalini as a driving force for awakening into higher consciousness. Thai Chi, a form of moving meditation of China use flowing movement and internal focus to increase balance flow of Chi (life force energy).

It's a great relationship exercise creating a strong intimate and emotional connection with one's beloved partner or within yourself.
The movement of energy between the sexual and the heart center is the basic premise as the movements begin to blend the sexual and spiritual energies, love becomes a tangible feeling within you, you start to integrate into your full self.
Together we explore the ancient art of sacred sexual energy.

The experience - adventure with your true self

Level 1

Re-discovering female & male energy
Greater awareness towards yourself and your feelings
The art of conserving and skillfully directing sexual energy
Making friends with your body: power of breath & meditation
Creating tools to transform the quality of your daily life

No prior knowledge of Tai Chi or sacred sexuality is necessary and females without  previous experience are welcome.It's designed specially for woman. 

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