Benefits of Tai Chi Therapy

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07 September 2018

Dr. Rajnish's Tai Chi Therapy What he Suggest

Dr. Rajnish's Tai Chi Therapy What he Suggest

•     Set aside time for recharging batteries, something calm and restful, like meditation
•     Daily exercise that is readily available and needs little preparation can help with the "blahs" that occur and with overall outlook.
•     Observe mood swings; learn to accept them by realizing they will pass. Learn strategies that might help bad moods pass.
•     Use "time-outs" when you are upset or over-stimulated (e.g., take a time-out, go away, calm down).
•     Let go of the urgency to always finish things quickly by learning to enjoy the process.
What T'ai Chi Offers
•     T'ai Chi is a mini-vacation from the daily "rat race."
•      T'ai Chi is easy, requires no preparation, and is a daily mood elevator.
•     'Tai Chi is a tool for self-observation of feelings and for letting those feelings go.
•     T'ai Chi can be performed at school or work (e.g., in the bathroom), giving you a break from stress.
•     T'ai Chi's slow-flowing routine is about "letting go" of outcome and learning to love process.
•     T'ai Chi teaches the practice of "letting go" on a mental, emotional and physical level with each exhale.

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