Benefits of Tai Chi Therapy

Benefits of Tai Chi Therapy Delhi TaiChi, taichi classes, Delhi Tai chi, India Tai chi, Corporate Taichi, Taichi Workshop, Taichi for Sc...

07 September 2018

Dr. Rajnish's Tai Chi Therapy The more CHI-full you are, the more Cheerful you are

Dr. Rajnish's Tai Chi Therapy The more CHI-full you are, the more Cheerful you are

Stillness and action are relative, not absolute, principles. It is important to find a balance of yin and yang, not just in qigong, but in everyday life. In movement, seek stillness and rest. In rest, be mindful and attentive.
These gentle exercises are easy to learn and faster paced than regular tai chi classes. They conclude with a peaceful simple, powerful meditation - specially geared to the needs of busy office workers•     relaxation•     release of stress•     increased energyAvailable at a time to suit you, these classes last around 45 minutes. Based on tai chi principles and accompanied by Chinese music these classes will leave you relaxed refreshed and energized.
                   •     Before, after work, at lunchtime on your own premises.

Typical response from participants: 'I had much more energy after the class

Of course if you have a little more time and space available then we'd be happy to teach you Tai Chi forms and sensitivity exercises too. It's your choice!

                   •     Suitable for small spaces.
                   •     No special clothing & no need to shower.
                   •     For beginners and those with tai chi experience.
                   •     Choose regular sessions for maximum benefit.
                   •     Can form part of a corporate wellness programme

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