Benefits of Tai Chi Therapy

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07 September 2018

Dr. Rajnish's Tai Chi Therapy for Concentration

Dr. Rajnish's Tai Chi Therapy for Concentration

Class sizes are limited to insure all children get the support and instruction that they activity to develop children's concentration and coordination, this program is designed in small building blocks to capture their attention, incorporating imagery and games to add appeal to kids. It emphasizes the fun element while developing children’s mind and body. Tai Chi has an almost magical effect in health Kids.

The program is directed towards developing positive relationship to being active while also fun and engaging• 

There will be less precise instructions, focusing on keeping the flow..• 

Games and drills, stories are part of training • 

Training keeps children delighted and interested as they learn new skills.• 

Embedded in the fun activities are exercises that strengthen their bodies, as well as develop their balance and coordination.This special program make kids attentive, relaxed, focused, helpful  and disciplined.

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