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15 September 2018

Dr. Rajnish's Sex Chi Kung/Qi Gong

Dr. Rajnish's Sex Chi Kung/Qi Gong

Chi kung or qigong can be used to cultivate sexual energy and improve vitality, sexual health, pleasure and eliminates many common men's ailments. Qigong exercise of this nature is best performed with the bladder comfortably empty. This men's sexual qi gong exercise tonifies the female endocrine system, increasing overall vitality, sensuousness, centeredness, and turns uncomfortable bottled-up sexual desire into relaxed, enjoyable sensuality.

Here is how you do it; sit comfortably, either cross legged or on the edge of a chair and make sure you are not in a drafty or cold area. Relax yourself and settle the mind. Spend time loosening-up all the tensions in your body starting from head all the way down to the toes. Imaging the tensions and stiffness in your body as a block of ice melting away. When your breathing starting to slow down and deepen, your chi or qi will naturally sink to dantian (an area located 3 inches below naval). This stage normally takes 5-10 minutes to attain after your quiet down your mind and relaxed your body. Your dantian will feel inflated, tingling or warm. This is the sign of the presence of chi.

You then visualize chi as energy. When breath-in imaging this energy circulate to a point called mingmen. Mingmen is located directly opposite dantian at the back of your body. When breath-out, imaging the energy flows to huiyin acupoint located right between anal and the reproduction organ. Do not force the breathing and the energy flow. Breath naturally, let your breathing settle naturally and deeply, and let the energy flow slowly and smoothly but abundantly. Start with 7 circulations and work your way up to 49 circulations.

Once you are comfortable with this exercise of circulating the energy between mingmen and huiyin acupoints. Visualise the energy also flows through the penis/vagina before completing a full circulation to huiyin acupoint. In short, when breath-in, energy flows from dantian to mingmen. When breath-out, energy flows from mingmen to penis and then to huiyin completing a circle. Do this 7times. Do it naturally and do not force. In 2  to 6 month you will have abundant of sexual energy.

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