Benefits of Tai Chi Therapy

Benefits of Tai Chi Therapy Delhi TaiChi, taichi classes, Delhi Tai chi, India Tai chi, Corporate Taichi, Taichi Workshop, Taichi for Sc...

20 September 2018

Dr. Rajnish's Elements Tai Chi Therapy

Dr. Rajnish's Elements Tai Chi Therapy

Change in nature, weather pattern, 4 seasons, dawn & dark, location & environment, & so on…, exert direct or indirect influences on man, & man has the ability to adapt himself to these changes.Conversely, when the 5 ELEMENTS are balanced, we can live in difficult situations, with little material wealth with few friends & still remains stable, centered & flexible. We may not like – but we are comfortable…

The Yin-Yang is segmented into five parts, with each segment assigned an element, season, atmospheric condition, time and so on… understanding the effects of these 5 elements, and their relation to the 5 main internal organs, the 5 senses, and the 5 tastes, helps us to balance and harmonious ourselves with nature. e.g.

Wood is positioned where the circle begins to move upward and represents growth or spring time, it also a period of windy, and denoted by colour green.
Fire is located where the portion of the circle reaches its peak, symbolizing summer, and the atmosphere turns very hot, and denoted by colour red.
Earth is positioned in the center, where harvesting takes place, and represents Indian summer, which could be muggy & moist, and denoted by colour yellow.
Metal represents turning inward or contraction, & represents autumn, dryness in atmosphere, and denoted by colour steel Gray and
Water is where the circle turns completely inward to regenerate, representing winter or severe cold. Water also portrays preparation for a new spring, wood or growth cycle, and denoted by colour blue.

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